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MADFIL filters are developed in Europe and correspond to the international quality standards of ISO 9000 and 9001. 

  • Air filters. To look in the catalog

  • Air filters MADFIL reliably prevent hit in the engine of such firm particles, as soot, a mineral dust, the fossils being in air. Thanks to features of designing of these filters and high quality of used filtering materials air filters MADFIL reach efficiency practically for 100%.

  • Oil filters. To look in the catalog

  • Distinctive features of oil MADFIL filters are - long term of operation, oil - warm and frost-resistant rubber consolidations, the firm and rigid surface providing high resistance to pressure of oil, and also, high efficiency of a filtration of firm impurity. Oil filters MADFIL differ an optimum ratio the price - quality and are presented in the market in the wide range.

  • Cabin filters. To look in the catalog

  • Coal antibacterial cabin filters MADFIL will reliably protect your organism from hit of harmful impurity, and also, will prevent emergence of a dust and a raid on a windshield. Filters serve cabin for purification of air of salon of exhausts, soot, oxidizers and dirt ahead of the going car. As everyone who is in the car, 2-3 times more toxins, than the pedestrian inhale, it is necessary to choose cabin filters especially carefully.

  • Fuel filters. To look in the catalog

  • Fuel filters MADFIL carry out full purification of fuel of particles of firm impurity which are very dangerous to the engine and elements of fuel system. Use of fuel MADFIL filters is a guarantee of that operation of the engine of the car will significantly improve, service life of nozzles, an injector, the cylinder of piston group, the fuel and oil pump also will increase. At production of MADFIL filters frost-resistant materials are used.
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